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A Walk Around Limerick

A Walk Around Limerick
7 March 2011

This weekend I had the opportunity to try out the camera on the new Nokia N8 mobile phone. Firstly, a disclosure, Simply Zesty, the PR company behind the campaign provided me with the phone to keep. I have not been asked to blog about my experience so what follows are just my thoughts on the camera aspect of the phone and my personal experience with it.

The brief was to capture some photos which were recognisably Limerick. At the same time Denis Hogan was photographing Galway, Stephen Holmes was in Dublin and Ronan Palliser was shooting in Cork. We only had a few days to get out and about with the phone and unfortunately the weather in Limerick was overcast so the lighting was very flat. I had a very enjoyable few hours walking around the city though. Here are some of my favourite photos:

Limerick Rowers Limerick Rowers

Shannon Boardwalk Shannon Boardwalk

Milk Market Milk Market

Thomond Park Thomond Park

King John's Castle King John's Castle

The camera on the phone is a whopping 12 megapixels. Generally speaking the quality is quite good too, especially in favourable conditions. The dedicated shutter button on the phone is useful and there are plenty of settings to allow some creative control. There are a few niggly issues though. It has a tendency to reset your settings which can prove annoying. At high ISO it is very noisy. The longest shutter speed is 1/15s and it's got a fixed focal length of 28mm (35mm equivelant) and fixed aperture of f2.8. But considering it's a phone camera it's very impressive, it's got some limitations (some of which you can work around, some are more stubborn) but overall it's certainly worth looking at if you use the camera funciton on your phone frequently. I haven't really used the Nokia N8 much as an actual phone, but it doesn't match the simple user experience of my iPhone. Three word summary: worth a look.

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