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Seaside Sweet Shop

Seaside Sweet Shop
19 May 2010

While photographing the wedding in my previous posts, we went to the castle in Ballybunion. On the walk down to the castle there is this lovely colourful summery shop. With time of the essence I didn't get a chance to photograph the shop but made a mental note of it. I returned the next day and had a nice chat with the lady who runs the shop. It was a lovely day and she had a tempting display of her goods set up.

Unfortunately the photo was a bit rushed as I was making conversation as I took it. I didn't have a chance to line up the verticals so I tried to correct that in post. As always you can roll your mouse over the original link above the photo to see what it looked like straight from the camera. Interestingly, two of my favourite photoblogs (chromasia and escapism) have jumped on board the "show original" bandwagon. To be fair, chromasia has been regularly posting the orginal for a while, but now that he has the rollover function it makes life a lot easier. I'm predicting a lot of photoblogs will start incorporating this feature now that one of the big guns of the photoblogging community is on board. Interesting times!

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