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Would You Look At Yer Man

Would You Look At Yer Man
29 March 2010

This photo was not strictly part of Saturday's photowalk, but I spotted the potential while we were walking and I returned later when it turned out that I had time to kill. I liked the advertisement inside the window looking out, I just needed something interesting/amusing to tie the shot together. There were plenty people dressed in pink on Shop Street collecting for charity and, as the shops were starting to close, I hoped it would only be a matter of time before they made their way home along this street.

And so began the waiting game. Luckily I met some photographers who spotted my camera and stopped for a chat. And a lovely old lady, who swore that if she was 18 years younger she would follow me and my brown eyes to the ends of the earth! About an hour later, just as I was starting to run out of time, along came the charity collectors. Snap.

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