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Modern Mum

Modern Mum
27 March 2010

Finally, a change from all the portraiture photos I've been doing!

This morning I met up with some photographers and went for a really enjoyable photowalk around Galway. It was great to see some familiar faces and also to meet others whose work I have admired. This was the very first photo I took. I spotted the potential and grabbed it between a break in the crowd on Shop Street. What was interesting (to me) is how I saw this image.

Last week, I looked through Matt Stuart's entire catalogue. I love his work. I've also been enjoying the work of Tommie Lehane since I discovered it a few months back. I love the quirky cleverness that both these artists display in their street photography. As I walked around Galway I found myself seeing images from that point of view - or more accurately, seeing the potential for interesting moments to occur. This is something that I've blogged about in the past, being influenced by Julie Matkin (here) and David Nightingale (here).

Which makes me wonder, is this a good thing or a bad thing?! I don't intentionally set out to recreate the style of another photographer, rather that style develops through a shoot. Maybe it's something I'm more aware of as I haven't developed my own style yet? Answers on a postcard!

Oh, and a big congratulations to Red Mum who won Best Photoblog in the Irish Blog Awards tonight!

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