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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
31 December 2009

Another year over. Thanks to everyone who visited this blog over the last 12 months and especially those of you who took the time to comment. I hope you all have a great 2010!

This time last year I made some photographic resolutions. The first was to post more photos to this blog which I've managed to do, with 102 photos posted this year (compared to 85 last year). The second was to get out of my comfort zone and take more photos of people which I have enjoyed doing. My final resolution was to produce a body of related work. You can probably tell by the usual pick 'n' mix of photos that I've posted that I didn't make much progress on this one! However, I was involved in something...

Still Limerick is a project that was started by Neville Gawley this time last year. The idea was simple - take one photograph each day depicting Limerick. Today is the final day of the project and there is an amazing body of work built up over the year. Fair play to Neville for keeping the momentum going on this. I helped out by standing in as photographer on about 30 days during the year and I really enjoyed watching the project progress. If you're from Limerick (or if you are just interested in some documentary photography) then you should definitely have a brose through the project.

Finally, this image was taken in Curraghchase during a photowalk on Christmas Eve with Denis. I yoinked the prop from Denis' Christmas tree as we left the house.

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