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Cork Photowalk

Cork Photowalk
23 February 2009

Here are a few more snaps from Saturday's photowalk in Cork. Starting top left is the same musician on Caroline Street which I posted yesterday. Our first official stop was the English market where, amongst the madness, were these content looking pigs heads. As we walked around Cork I was attracted to the shapes being cast by shadows and this doorway, at the other side of the pedestrian bridge, was just one of a number of shadow shots from the day. The unfortunate balloon seller had no choice but to stand there while a swarm of photobloggers closed in around him and, finally, some grafitti which I thought was apt given the geekiness of the blog awards weekend.

It was a really enjoyable stroll around the city and it was great to catch up with some familiar photobloggers and to meet some new ones. Thanks again to the lovely gingerpixel whose templates I have macgyvered for this post and to redmum for organising the photowalk.

(I haven't included an original for this post as I don't see much point. I terms of processing all I have done is cropped, converted to monochrome and tweaked the contrast.)

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