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FRED's Hands

FRED's Hands
7 February 2009

Cork band FRED were back in town last Saturday to play an unplugged set for the Limerick Unfringed festival. It was great to see that being unplugged didn't hold them back and they put on a great show as always. IndieLimerick, who's a lot more organised than I am, has posted .

I was trying to create something a little different with this montage of images. The idea was to capture the creation of the music by each member of the band but the more I look at it the more it reminds me of a typical "Name The Celebrity" round in a local pub quiz. I've posted a set of images from the night on my portfolio so be sure to have a peek.

Finally, the template used to create this montage is an adaptation of one of gingerpixel's storyboard templates. Thanks!

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