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Plassey Shipwreck

Plassey Shipwreck
5 January 2009

This is the shipwreck of The Plassey which lies on Inis Oírr. The islanders rescued the entire crew of the ship during a storm in the 1960s and strong Atlantic waves washed it high up on the shore where it remains. You may recognise it from the opening credits of the Fr. Ted series.

This ship had been on my list of things to photograph for a long time. When I eventually got a chance to visit the island the day was dull and overcast. I took some photos for reference hoping to someday return in better conditions to create a more powerful image. A few weeks later there was a spectacular sunset which, when I saw it, reminded me of the rusty colours of the shipwreck. I photographed the sunset and combined it with the original photo of the shipwreck to create this image.

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