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Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass
1 January 2009

My photography new year's resolutions:

  1. To post more photos. Last year I posted 85 photos to this blog but I am aiming to post more often this year. In order to achieve this I will firstly try to get out and about with the camera more and secondly post more images of interesting subjects which happen to catch my eye (such as todays photo) rather than only posting my very best photos.
  2. To take more photographs of people. Whether candid street photographs of people or posed photos I would like to break out of my comfort zone and at least try to take more photographs of people.
  3. To create a related body of work. By either starting a new personal project or building on some of my existing photographs I would like to create a body of work which revolves on a central topic or theme. This body of work could possibly be used to create a panel for an Associate of the Irish Photographic Federation or as an exhibition of some sort. This may very well take more than a year. Step one is to come up with the central idea. Suggestions on a postcard!

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