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Hole Of Sorrows

Hole Of Sorrows
4 November 2008

Halloween, an evening when the boundary between living and dead dissolves. What better way to spend the night than at one of Irelands most recognisable dolmens? This image of Poulnabrone (or Hole Of Sorrows in English) was captured late last Friday night. The exposure time was just shy of an hour and half during which time the Earths movement on its axis caused the stars to form trails. The star around which the other stars seem to rotate is the north star.

On a technical note, this image is a combination of 160 separate exposures. Leaving the shutter open for any length of time on a digital camera causes the sensor to overheat and introduces a lot of noise in the image (as well as potentially damaging the sensor).

Finally, has published a book of photography by its members (including one of my images) and, if the preview is anything to go by, it looks like a great book for any coffee table. You can see the preview and buy the book here. Each purchase includes a charitable donation.

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