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Awakening Daffodil

Awakening Daffodil
19 April 2008

I've been busy lately so I haven't had time to post anything new. Here's something completely different for now. Update 21st April 2008: As requested, here is a little more information about how I created this image. As you can see from the original, I photographed a single daffodil bud. I removed the background and created three more copies of the layer, rotating each one by another 90 degrees. I then moved the layers on the layer stack so that the layers appeared to weave into each other. In order to achieve this I also needed to mask off part of the top layer to allow the bud from the layer below to show through and complete the effect.
I added a slight shadow below each layer to fool the eye into believing that the daffodils were casting shadows on each other. Finally I added the opening bud from a later shot of the same daffodil.

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